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Importance of Moz Page Authority in SEO

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How to Analyze Moz PA Score?

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Read it as a comparative metric

Moz score has no significance in isolation. It should be used as a comparative metric with other web pages covering the same niche (and competing for the same keywords).

It builds over a period of time

As per Moz, PA is a historical metric that will fluctuate over time. That can be because of yours or your competitors gains or losses, so relate appropriately.

Focus on link building

A higher PA website means a relative strength of backlink profile for that web page. Similarly, a drop in PA means you need to work on your backlink profile for that page.

What is Page Authority in SEO?

Page authority (popularly known as Moz PA) is an indication of the backlink quality and relevance of a particular web page. It’s a number calculated on a logarithmic scale of 1 to 100. That means as you grow your page authority, it becomes increasingly tough to move up the ladder.

It’s important to note that a higher PA is not a guarantee to rank on the top. It’s just an indication that a page with higher PA has increased probability of ranking when compared to other web pages in the same niche but with lower PA. 

Therefore, it becomes important to analyze the PA of top ranking SERP results before your start with your on-page optimization. Based on the PA of your competitors, you may need to tweak your SEO strategy to outrank them.

Common misconceptions about PA

PA score is a ranking signal

While Google doesn’t use Page Authority in its ranking algorithm, a page with higher PA will stand to do well in organic rankings. That’s because PA score include factors that also play a big role in SEO.

Higher PA means guaranteed ranking

A higher PA only means an increased probability of getting ranked on the top, not a sureshot guarantee. Moreover, PA should be compared with web pages that are in the same niche.

Page with lower PA can’t outrank a higher one

This was true a couple of years back but not anymore. Though it’s tough to displace web pages with very high Page Authority, it’s not impossible. Quality LSI based content can help you with that.

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