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Outbound Linking and its SEO Benefits

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Best practices when you link to External Websites?

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Be contextual and natural

Think of your user when you link externally. Ask yourself how the information on the target page will help a user with his search query. Link only if you see a value for your user.

Mind your Anchor Text

Give contextual anchor text that defines the content within the linked web page. Avoid keyword stuffing and over optimization. Stay natural.

Always open in new tab

All outbound links should open in new tabs. This will ensure the user doesn’t move away from your website and can still interact with your content.

What is External/Outbound Linking?

Outbound links are URLs that direct visitors from your website to another website on the internet.

The aim of outbound linking is to help users get further information on a topic that is not present on your website. That improves the overall user experience and helps them get a complete answer to their search query. This also provides a context to the Google bot about your content, purely on the basis of the content that is present on the outbound url you have linked to.

Outbound links can be either no-follow or do-follow and determine whether you rlink equity is passed to the target domain /page or not. 

How outbound links impact SEO?

Increase relevance

Relevant and natural outbound links help Google better understand the context of your content thus positively impacting your search ranking.

Improves user experience

Outbound links are generally provided to help users get detailed information on a specific topic, especially when your website doesn’t cover that topic.

Helps in off page SEO

When you link out to someone, you can expect those websites linking back to you giving you backlinks or sharing your content piece on their social media channels, thus boosting your off-page SEO.

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