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Visualping Alternative for Website Tracking

Looking for a better alternative to Visualping for your SEO needs? OnPage Champ helps you track an entire website in one go and offers actionable SEO & business insights. 

This in-depth comparison between Visualping and OnPage Champ will help you make the right decision.

If you want to track websites from an SEO perspective, learn why OnPage Champ is a better alternative to Visualping.

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Compare detailed features & pricing to select the best website tracking tool

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About Visualping

Visualping is a very popular tool to monitor specific parts of web pages for content change. It works in a drag and drop manner and is extremely easy to use. Visualping should be your choice if you want to monitor just one or two aspects for a handful of web pages.


But if you want to track a complete website, it gets extremely tough with Visualping. First, their pricing plan is on a per page basis.Second, you will need to go page by page and manually mark the elements for monitoring (e.g. headline, images, links etc.). Third, you don’t get a log of all the changes that are happening. Thus, it is left to the users discretion to derive meaningful intelligence from the data.


If you want to monitor complete websites (yours or that of your competitors’) especially from an SEO perspective, OnPage Champ solves all the 3 pain points mentioned above. Plus, you get actionable insights which you can use to rank better on Google.

Thus, if SEO is your first concern while tracking websites, it is wise to look for Visualping substitutes like OnPage Champ that are less priced and have the capability to offer you more actionable SEO data.

Visualping Alternative – OnPage Champ

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Plans (monthly)
Basic: $0 (1000 URLs), Standard: $14 (2000 URLs), Plus: $49 (5000 URLs)
Starter: $0 (14 URLs) Basic: $4 (72 URLs) Intensive: $13 (280 URLs) Intensive 4k: $24 (1000 URLs)
Subscription scheme
Monthly & Annual Subscription
Monthly & Annual Subscription
Product summary
On-page SEO optimization, website monitoring & SEO A/B testing tool
Monitor webpage for changes
  • Website Tracking
  • Website monitoring
  • Change detection
  • Email notifications
  • Rank tracking
  • 3/7 day crawl frequency
  • SERP Audit 
  • SERP Analysis
  • Custom URL comparison
  • No onboarding time
  • Change logs/history
  • Webpage monitoring
  • Notifications by email/slack
  • Custom APIs
Customer Support
Livechat, email, video conference, one-to-one walkthrough
No mention on the website
Type of customers
Freelancers, agencies, inhouse SEOs, SaaS, enterprises
Individuals & businesses

*Visualping & its logo is wholly or partially the registered trademark of its respective owner. OnPage Champ is not associated with Visualping in any way and a reference to their trademark is used only for comparison purposes.