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5 OnPage SEO Tips for SaaS Marketers – Learning from the Top Websites (Part 2)

5 OnPage SEO Tips for SaaS Marketers – Learning from the Top Websites (Part 2)

This is the second post of our weekly onpage SEO learnings series.

As part of this series, we pick famous websites in a particular niche and try to dissect them for their onpage SEO best practices.

If you happen to be in a similar niche, this series will help you learn the closely guarded secrets of the websites you have always loved and adored, and have secretly aspired to be one.

Today, we are going to dissect a famous B2B Saas company by the name of Kissflow. 

B2B SaaS companies often build their success with organic search traffic. Hence, it becomes important to understand the SEO strategy and tactics they apply to get to the coveted #1 position on Google.

We will try to come out with some interesting on-page SEO secrets of Kissflow, plus what can be your learning if you are operating in the same B2B SaaS Niche.

About Kissflow


Monthly Traffic: 400k (Source: SimilarWeb)

Search traffic: ~50%

Industry in: Workflow management and automation

Kissflow metrics as per SimilarWeb

SIDENOTE: In case you prefer to see a video, here’s a case study we published for Kissflow.

5 onpage SEO tips for SaaS marketers

#1. Follow the trends

Irrespective of our sub niche, we all get impacted by the latest trends. The question is how we can ride on the trends and capitalize the opportunity.

Let’s see what COVID19 means for Kissflow.

More companies (and employees) are going for remote work. That means the need for digital workplaces/workspaces will increase many folds in the coming months.

Kissflow has already started working on content around these topics. While the search volume for these keywords is quite low at the moment, there’s a high probability of searches picking up.

Here’s the type of content that Kissflow published in the last couple of weeks, keeping COVID19 in mind.

Content pieces published by Kissflow

Quick tip for SaaS marketers: How is your SaaS business getting impacted by the latest business trends? If you can foresee a trend, don’t wait for it to unfold. Rather, start working on your content right away so that you can ride the wave when trends unfold.

#2. Front load the keywords

If you observe the on-page SEO activity of Kissflow, this is one company that doesn’t sit back and relax on its laurels.

Instead, Kissflow continuously reviews its existing pages and keeps making edits to them.

Here’s a trend we observed for some of their pages:-

  • Front loading of keywords
  • Removing brand name from title (possibly to get more space)

Kissflow optimizing title by front loading keyowrd and removing brand name

Quick tip for SaaS marketers: Review your title and H1s. Front load your keywords to get faster rank gains.

#3. Update the content frequently

A quick glance at their website changes history and you will notice that Kissflow updates the content very frequently.

Infact, the pace of making changes is far higher than the pace of publishing new content.

Kissflow updating the content on its existing pages

No doubt Google is rewarding them with top positions for their keywords:-

Google rewarding Kissflow with top positions in SERP

Quick tip for SaaS marketers: Update your content frequently. That’s a hidden secret of top ranking websites. You won’t hear that advice too often.

#4. Identify hidden keyword opportunities

All keyword research tools in the market show you competitors’ keywords once they start ranking for it.

OnPage Champ is probably the only tool using which helps you take a guess of your competitor keywords, much before they are ranking for it.

I was looking at Kissflow’s website change history and I could spot some highly profitable keywords.

In particular, I looked for pages that have a Title and H1/H2 change made on them. All such pages mean a high probability that the focus keyword has been changed.

Here’s one such URL that I found:-

A keyword being targeted by Kissflow

This is the gold I was talking about. This keyword has a high search volume and a low SEO difficulty score. If I was competing against Kissflow, I would start working on this keyword right away.

Additionally, I will also start tracking the URL for this particular keyword, to understand what specific actions Kissflow takes to get to position 1.

That’s how you can hunt some hidden keyword opportunities, thanks to your competitors.

Quick tip for SaaS marketers: Read your competitors in and out. You can reduce your keyword research work by a huge margin.

#5. Identify the content silos 

Your competitors are ranking for a lot of related keywords.

Primary reason being that Google identifies them as a reliable source of information for that particular topic.

But why?

Because they have published some awesome content around those topics.

While you can go to their website and search for the topics, a smarter way is to use OnPage Champ and filter the topics in real time (basis the keyword in URL).

For example, ‘low code development’ is one content silo where Kissflow has captured multiple top search positions.

Here’s how to check the content they have created on this topic:-

how to check all content pieces for a domain in OnPage Champ tool

In the search bar above, just type your query and get the URL that matches your search parameter. E.g.

Finding similar URLs of a domain for a search term in OnPage Champ tool

Quick tip for SaaS marketers: Study the content silos that your competitor has created. Then go all out and build 5X better content.

What’s next for SaaS marketers

If you are a SaaS marketer looking for some SEO inspiration, look no further.

OnPage Champ can help you learn the deeply guarded secrets of your competitors, and test them for your website.

All you need to do is spend 15 minutes a week studying the top websites in your niche.

Try out OnPage Champ today.

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