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6 SEO Affiliate Marketing Tips (Part 1) – Learning OnPage SEO from the top experts

6 SEO Affiliate Marketing Tips (Part 1) – Learning OnPage SEO from the top experts

This is the first post of our weekly onpage SEO learnings series.

As part of this series, we will pick a couple of famous websites in a particular niche and try to dissect them for their onpage SEO best practices.

If you happen to be in a similar niche, this series will help you learn the closely guarded secrets of the websites you have always loved and adored, and have secretly aspired to be one.

Let’s dig in.

Today, we are going to dissect 2 famous websites in the affiliate marketing niche. 

Most of the affiliate marketing websites build their success using organic search traffic. Hence, it becomes important to understand the SEO strategy and tactics they apply to get to the coveted #1 position for their chosen affiliate products.

We will try to come out with some interesting on-page SEO secrets of these websites, plus what can be your learning if you are operating in the same affiliate marketing niche.

Affiliate websites used as case studies

#1. BloggersPassion


Monthly Traffic: 130k (Source: SimilarWeb)

Organic traffic: ~60%

Key achievement: One of the top affiliates of SEMRush in the world

BloggersPassion website key metrics

#2. Craig Campbell


Monthly Traffic: SimilarWeb Data not available

Organic Traffic: ~62%

Key achievement: Keynote speaker across major SEO conferences across the world

CraigCampbellsSEO website key metrics

SIDENOTE: We also created a video highlighting the learings from BloggersPassion.

6 SEO affiliate marketing tips

#1. “Review keywords” means money

Review related keywords are the most profitable ones for any affiliate marketer. Key reasons include:-

  1. The buying intent is crystal clear for such keywords (e.g. SEMRush review)
  2. The search user is already considering the product and is doing his online research. The buying cycle is in advanced stages.
  3. Majority of the time, the user is already sold emotionally. All he is looking for is some social proof to make a final decision.

Now let’s confirm our hypothesis by looking at the on-page SEO activity of BloggersPassion & CraigCampbell.

BloggersPassion makes a lot of tweaks week on week to their review pages as shown in one of the examples below.

Google is rewarding them with top ranks in the search result.

 On the same lines, you will see a lot of new review posts getting posted on Craig’s website.

Quick tip for affiliate marketers: Review related keywords are your gold. Start digging.

#2. Comparison/alternative keywords are equally rewarding

What converts best after review related keywords?

It’s the comparison keywords.

The logic is pretty simple: A person is already using a product, but is now looking for an alternative. There can be multiple reasons behind this switch: price, service, support, features etc; to name a few. In that case, your comparison should focus on the possible pain points of the user.

There can be another instance where the search user is confused with similar offerings (example. SEMRush vs. Ahrefs). Your comparison can help them make a winning choice, and you some extra dollars.

Looking at our reference websites, you will notice that both our affiliate experts publish a lot of content around comparisons.

Quick tip for affiliate marketers: Competition sells. Focus on that.

#3. Work on Black Friday deals 6 months in advance

Black Friday is no less than a carnival for most of us out here.

And same is the case for successful affiliate marketing websites like BloggersPassion.

This website made a whopping $ 13,000 in just one single week of Nov, 2017. You can read their detailed breakdown in this elaborate post. 

This entire income was built through organic search traffic. Some of the activities they did were as follows:

And now a million dollar question: when do you start working on your deal pages?

It’s at least 6 months in advance. That’s the time you need for your pages to rank on the top.

Observe how BloggersPassion has already started working on their Black Friday deal pages.

And they are already amongst the top 3 results.

Quick tip for affiliate marketers: If you want to ace the Black Friday event, it’s never too early to start with your onpage SEO.

#4. Keep hunting for new affiliate products

A quick glance at the on-page SEO activity of our chosen websites and you will see so many unknown products that these websites are promoting.

To be specific, I never knew the following hosting services even exist:-

  • GreenGeeks
  • HostPapa
  • Flywheel
  • iPage

These products may be unknown to you & me, but these have some decent search volumes:

  • GreenGeeks Review – 100 searches/month
  • Hostpapa review – 150 searches/month
  • Flywheel hosting – 100 searches/month
  • iPage Hosting – 170 searches/month

Quick tip for affiliate marketers: If you are an affiliate marketer, never stop looking for new products. You never know where your next jackpot will come from.

#5. Build content silos

The biggest secret of affiliate marketer’s SEO success is building specific content silos in a way that you can rank for any keyword in that sub niche.

Let me explain using BloggersPassion as an example.

They are already a successful affiliate of SEMRush. 

Does that mean they have stopped publishing content on SEMRush? Hell No.

A quick look at their on-page SEO activity and you can notice that they still keep publishing new content around SEMRush, its usage, its competitor and so on.

If you login to OnPage Champ and see their onpage activity in detail, they are trying to do similar stuff for KWFinder.

In the past couple of weeks, they published multiple content pieces around this topic.

Quick tip for affiliate marketers: Study your competitors and the content they are publishing. Most of the time, they are trying to build a mesh of related content. This is the real secret behind their SEO success.

#6. Focus on expanding your authority 

I am not talking about building domain authority.

I am talking about authority in the real world.

No matter how successful you are as an affiliate marketer, you can go even further.

Want to know how?

Let’s learn from Craig.

I first got to know Craig through a local marketing event where he was one of the speakers.

Now, have a quick look at his onpage SEO activity and you will notice that he takes his speaking assignments very seriously. He keeps his “speaking-page” updated with the latest conferences that he is invited to. 

Wondering where Craig ranks for this keyword? No wonder it’s position #1.

If you are looking for an SEO speaker for your marketing event, Craig will be the first person you will see on Google results and that’s how you enter his funnel.

What can be your way of building an authority? Podcasts, webinars, blogging events. The sky is endless.

Quick tip for affiliate marketers: It never harms to explore new avenues beyond affiliate marketing. Offline activities do help you build your online authority (and affiliate income too).

What’s next for affiliate marketers

If you are an affiliate marketer still struggling to find ground, look no further.

There’s so much you can learn from the pros of the industry. 

All you need is a tool like OnPage Champ to dig into their secrets, and an eagle’s eye to join the dots.

Do share in comments what’s one tip out of the 6 that you will implement next.

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