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4 SEO Tips for SaaS Marketers – Learning from the Top Websites (Part 3)

4 SEO Tips for SaaS Marketers – Learning from the Top Websites (Part 3)

This is the third post of our onpage SEO learnings series.

As part of this series, we pick famous websites in a particular niche and try to dissect them for their onpage SEO best practices.

If you happen to be in a similar niche, this series will help you learn the closely guarded secrets of the websites you have always loved and adored, and have secretly aspired to be one.

In the previous post of this series, we tried to figure out the SEO strategy of Kissflow, a B2B SaaS company with $10 mn+ in revenue and 400k+ of website traffic per month.

Today, we will go a step further and dissect the SEO strategy of another B2B SaaS business by the name of CallHippo.

CallHippo is in the field of Internet telephony and you will witness some industry specific action today.

So let’s dig in.

About CallHippo


Monthly Traffic: 150k+ visits (Source: SimilarWeb)

Search traffic: ~60%

Industry operating in: VoIP & Internet Telephony

Traffic and Traffic Sources of CallHippo

SIDENOTE: In case you prefer to watch a video, here’s a case study we published on YouTube on CallHippo.

4 OnPage SEO Learnings from CallHippo

#1. Write content around onboarding

Let’s agree on one aspect: irrespective of how smooth we think our onboarding process is, there is always a hiccup left.

What if you can detail out your onboarding process as a blog post or a feature page. 

This will serve 2 purposes:-

  • It will guide the user in the right direction
  • It can ensure the user achieves the intended objective of getting started in the least amount of time.

That’s exactly what CallHippo is doing.

This great idea would have remained hidden within their website. But thanks to OnPage Champ, we captured a content change on this idea and that’s how we figured it out.

Quick tip for SaaS marketers: Irrespective of your industry niche, guiding users via a “how to use” page is a killer idea. Consider creating it for your SaaS app.

#2. Follow the trends

Just like we observed in the Kissflow case study, CallHippo is also publishing content on the latest trend of COVID 19.

As more and more businesses go remote, the need for internet telephony and VoIP based support solutions will increase. That’s the trend CallHippo intends to capture.

You can clearly notice that CallHippo has started publishing content around the same.

Quick tip for SaaS marketers: Do you foresee a trend strong enough to disrupt your industry? If yes, you should get started with capturing the search traffic for such upcoming trends. The best way is to read what your competitors are doing and learn from their moves.

#3. Scale up your money pages

We all have our money pages where we receive a lot of traffic, conversions and revenue. Since these pages have a lot of SEO value, it makes sense to understand what your competitor is doing and target some of their ideas.

If you are in the internet telephony business, your money pages are the location specific “SignUp” pages and the “Alternative/Comparison” pages.

Want to figure out what all SignUp pages CallHippo has published? You can do it within OnPage Champ in just 5 seconds, by running a search query on the target’s sitemap, as shown below:-


If we talk about the “comparison” pages, CallHippo has 60 such pages.

Quick tip for SaaS marketers: If you are in a niche where you have incumbents, don’t ignore the concept of money pages. Study your competitors well and identify their money pages. These pages offer some of the best RoI from an SEO perspective.

#4. Hunt for high CPC keyword ideas

If CallHippo is your competitor, running a quick audit of the website within OnPage Champ throws keywords ideas that are worth gold.

For example, CallHippo is publishing content around hosted PBX and virtual PBX systems. This is in line with our first learning where companies might be looking for hosted PBX solutions in the wake of COVID 19.

Now let me show you the keyword stats for “hosted PBX” in the US. With a CPC of $100 and SEO volume/difficulty of 880/34, this is a great insight.

And that’s when I have spent just 15 minutes analyzing their website. Spend more time with the data and I am sure you can dig out more of such precious nuggets from the website.

Quick tip for SaaS marketers: All keyword research tools help you dig out those competitor keywords for which they are already ranking. Use OnPage Champ to uncover the keyword ideas as and when they are published. If you find a great keyword/content idea, you should execute it right away.

What’s Next

If you are a SaaS marketer still not tracking your competitors, you have a huge SEO opportunity left untapped.

OnPage Champ can help you learn the most closely guarded SEO secrets of your competitors, that too by spending just 15 minutes/week.

Signup for OnPage Champ now here.

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