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How this 22 years old SEO expert sold one of his websites for USD 35k?

How this 22 years old SEO expert sold one of his websites for USD 35k?

This is the first interview of our SEO Expert Roundup Series where we will publish interesting life experiences of top SEO experts.

Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, all we want is your passion for SEO and we will do the rest of the work to bring your story to life.

Today, we are publishing an email interview with Mukesh who runs an SEO agency in New Delhi, India.

Mukesh is hardly 22 years old and is a school dropout.

However, don’t mistake his age with his experience.

He is an epitome of a true digital entrepreneur, running multiple web properties profitably. In fact, he sold one of his websites for ~USD 35,000 just a couple of months back.

Want to know more about Mukesh and his SEO story.

Go on.

Q: Hi Mukesh. Please tell our readers more about you.

A: Hi, I’m Mukesh, 22 years old who accidentally stepped into the world of SEO and is now in love with it.

Q: How much experience do you have in the field of SEO? Please tell our audience more about your agency MonkMetrics.

A: It has almost been 3 years since my SEO journey started. Right now, I am running a digital marketing agency, MonkMetrics (in New Delhi, India) along with my friend and business partner Ulhas Sakhare.

In the last 3 years, we tasted a lot of SEO success in our personal projects. Our intention now is to replicate the same success for our clients.

In the SEO industry, nobody can guarantee you results.

But it’s the responsibility of the agency to guide clients to undertake what’s practical and will work for them, at the same time stay transparent about the process and the work done. That’s what we do at MonkMetrics.

Q: What other aspects of Digital Marketing (apart from SEO) you expertise at? What’s your digital marketing career story like?

A: As of now, my expertise is fully concentrated on SEO. However, I am learning fast and soon I will also start taking assignments around Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Regarding my digital marketing journey, the learning curve has been very steep. It all started when my family’s financial condition went from too good to too worse. At that time, I had to find something to earn money and support the family.

I couldn’t complete my school education and I had to drop out. Luckily I was introduced to SEO by my uncle and since then, there has been no looking back. The day I learned about SEO, I was sure to build my career in this field.

Q: I read about the case study where you scaled a website and sold it for $34k. Please tell our readers more about it.

A: Me and my business partner built an asset (as a personal project) that was essentially an information resource for people who had trouble dealing with routers and modems.

We were consistent in our content and our link building was like drip-feeding, happening every now and then.

The goal was to dominate the 1st position for keywords in the United States. Despite the competition, we achieved our goal within 7 months of starting out.

We didn’t use any PBNs neither did we leverage any expired domain.

It happened purely because of the quality content and consistent link building.

A few months back, we sold this asset for INR. 2.5 million (~USD 35,000). This  website still ranks 1st on Google for multiple keywords.

You can read the detailed case study here.

Q: What’s your one-liner definition of SEO (the way you see SEO as)?

A: To me, SEO means continuous Evolution. It evolves every second and every minute.

Q: What are the 3 biggest transformations you witnessed in the field of SEO in the last 3 years?


a. Google has become way smarter to understand relevancy in both content and backlinks.

b. Using tactics like 301 redirects, expired domains and PBNs is getting complex with each passing day. You can’t just hide anymore from Google.

c. Establishing EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) can be seen in almost every niche nowadays.

Q: How do you keep your SEO knowledge up to date? What are your favorite blogs?

A: I usually rely on a lot of hit-and-trial approaches. Most of my reading happens across the following blogs:

  • Diggity marketing
  • Backlinko
  • Ahrefs Blog
  • Search Engine Roundtable
  • Detailed by Glen

Q: What’s that one single SEO tactic which you think is overrated?

A: Building links will rank everything and anything in the world of Google. That’s an era of the past.

Q: What’s that one single SEO tactic which you think is underrated?

A: Content, Content, and Content. People keep building links while ignoring their content.

Q: What’s your approach to building an SEO strategy for your clients?

A: We start any client assignment by doing a thorough SEO audit and fixing the content issues. Idea is to get rid of anomalies that the website may already have.

Thereafter, we gradually build a diversified link profile for the target pages. This helps us establish EAT in front of Google.

Q: Tell us about the toughest SEO problem that you have ever solved for a client.

A: In Local SEO which is fairly new, we were in a fix when a keyword wouldn’t rank despite a lot of effort.

But it was only after several trials and studies that we could push up the rankings, possibly due to adding a few diverse keywords and building links.

Q: What are the 3 most critical SEO mistakes that you see your prospective clients making very frequently?


  • Non-relevant link profile
  • Poor quality & outdated content
  • Not being consistent with content on the website

Q: Any SEO advice for small businesses that don’t have the knowledge and the budget to hire SEO help? How can they, at least, get started with SEO before they hire a team or outsource their SEO work?

A: As a small business, you are here online to build a presence and generate leads.

This will happen only if you deliver value to your customers.

Write value-driven posts on your website. Have a funnel in place, allure your website visitors with offers/free opt-ins and drive value to your asset.

Start small but be consistent. Get a lot of free SEO audits as every agency seems to be doing it these days. Study your competitors well and deep and understand what’s working for them.

There are so many free online sources to learn about SEO, so take full advantage of that.

And once you start seeing the results, hire an SEO pro and boost your results.

Q: What are the top 3 or 5 SEO tools you can’t work without (except the Google tools)?


  • Ahrefs
  • SemRush
  • OnPage Champ
  • Keywords Everywhere

Q: How often do you use OnPage Champ for SEO assignments? What are some of the ways you benefit from it?

A: I use OnPage Champ to know what my competitors are doing in terms of content and keyword density.

SEO is huge but this tool helps me understand the most important on-page SEO parameters that are possible factors behind the rankings. I benefit in terms of:

  • Understanding the on-page optimization that helps competitors rank in the top 10 (thanks to SERP Audit functionality)
  • A comparative analysis of my client’s site with the competitors
  • A brief understanding of the changes I need to make with an excellent feature of tracking any URL

Q: What’s your advice to people who are just getting started with a website and have no knowledge of SEO?

A: Hit and Trial. Information over the web can be overwhelming. Be consistent and don’t fall in the trap of analysis paralysis of. Fall in love with the process. Focus on just 1-2 credible people and see how they grew. Learn->Execute->Fail/Success->Learn.

PS: Do document everything. It helps understand what worked and what didn’t.

Q: Anything else you would like to talk about SEO/tools/digital marketing?

A: The industry is growing rapidly and everyone wants to have their piece of cake. The irony is that Google is getting complex in its algo but only for the simplicity of the search. All it is trying to imitate is the role of online help and replicate human intelligence.

This is an exciting time where we witness new experiences every day.

Digital marketing is a huge subject and the learning is never-ending. You need to give yourself time to learn about the new stuff.

However, understand that not everything will work perfectly. Just like a scientist, trust the process and keep experimenting.

If you need an SEO advice, want a free SEO audit of your website or just want to say HI, please connect with Mukesh on Facebook and Ulhas on LinkedIn.

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