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Meet Jens Polomski and know about his love for tools

Meet Jens Polomski and know about his love for tools

This is the second interview of our SEO Expert Roundup Series where we publish interesting life experiences of top SEO experts.

Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, all we want is your passion for SEO and we will do the rest of the work to bring your story to life.

Today, we are publishing an email interview with Jens Polomski from Germany.

Jens loves both digital marketing and startups.

Interestingly, in his current job (as the Senior Marketing Manager & Communications at the Founders Foundation, a gGmbH supporting entrepreneurial talent in Germany), he is experiencing both his passions.

Jens also happens to be OnPage Champ’s user number 200 and a patron.

Let’s know more about his digital marketing journey.

Q. Hi Jens. Let’s start with your 2-liner introduction.

A. As you mentioned, my name is Jens and I am a passionate Online Marketer from Germany. My interest in SEO got ignited 10 years back and since then, I am in love with the dynamic nature of digital marketing and SEO.

Q. Please tell our audience more about the Founders Foundation and the role you play there.

A. The Founders Foundation is an NGO in Germany that creates a startup ecosystem in Ostwestfalen-Lippe (a part of Western Germany).

My job there is to take care of most of the marketing activities.

Starting from SEO, going all the way to paid media as well as advertising materials, I am enjoying every bit of it.

Q. What’s your digital marketing career story like? We see you have served multiple roles across organizations.

A. I am actually a trained media designer for print materials.

But I realized that the speed of innovation and change that digital marketing offers is something I love to spend time with.

That is why I started with SEO (link building and so on) but moved quickly to a broader field of interest.

After my job as a media designer (with my first marketing clients on side), I traveled the world for 11 months and worked remotely from outside my home country. The great thing about digital marketing is that in most of the cases, you don’t need to be physically located with the rest of the team.

After that, I joined a music studio as the design and marketing person. Thereafter, I left to join the Founders Foundation where online marketing plays a much bigger role than most of my previous jobs.

Q. I noticed multiple SEO and digital marketing tools related updates on your LinkedIn timeline. Is that a hobby, part of your job or something else? Please tell our audience about your love for tools.

A. Haha, you got me! I love to try out new tools and find things that are not that famous but can give me insights or can help me automate stuff.

Being a believer in the culture of sharing (my knowledge), almost on a daily basis I post content on LinkedIn that I care about and soon, I realized that people find a lot of value in my posts.

In fact, I have created my own tool directory (on so that I can bring a lot of awesome tools to public attention.

Q. Do you also do SEO agency or freelance work? If yes, we will like to know more about your agency/freelancing activities and the marque clients you have served.

A. When I started my digital marketing career, I used to focus on link building strategies.

However, with multiple Google updates and reducing importance of backlinks, I have moved away from focussing just on backlinks to approaching online marketing as a larger discipline, aiming towards improving the top line of my clients rather than just their ranks.

I now have various kinds of clients, right from ecommerce portals to private persons to larger brands.

Most of these are consulting assignments that I do on the side. At times, I also take pro bono jobs just to help out and make the world wide web a better place.

Q. Coming back to our core topic, what’s your one-liner definition of SEO (the way you see SEO as)?

A. For me, SEO is a specific part of digital marketing and should never be the only channel to focus on. (one line is hard!)

Q. What are the 3 biggest transformations you witnessed in the field of SEO in the last 3 years?

A. Not an easy one either! But I will try to summarize it:

  1. Watching Google getting smarter and smarter every day.
  2. The move from “keyword” based optimization to user intent-based optimization.
  3. The shift from desktop to mobile devices in such a short span.

Q. How do you keep your SEO knowledge up to date? What are your favorite blogs?

A. After all these years I found a few good SEO people to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. Especially the spokespersons of Google and other large (online) brands share lot of valuable updates.

Besides that, I find blogs like SEO Round Table, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land and the MOZ as are great sources.

I hardly have any German source in this list since search engine innovation mostly starts in the US market.

Q. What’s that one single SEO tactic that you think is overrated?

A. Try not to focus too hard on keyword density. It might work for some people but I prefer to create content that has value and serves the intent rather than “just” the right keywords.

Q. What’s that one single SEO tactic that you think is underrated?

A. Some people try to get great links but forget to do a proper on-page SEO first. I always try to create the best possible starting situation before building links.

Q. Since you have worked across a couple of organizations, what are the 3 most critical SEO mistakes that you see people making repeatedly?

A. Uhm.. mistakes… that’s hard

  1. The old school SEO tactics that used to work in the past and only tried to manipulate Google (won’t work in the long run).
  2. Don’t adopt the latest Google updates and possibilities (like rich snippets).
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of internal link building, especially for bigger websites.

Q. What are the top 3 or 5 digital marketing/SEO tools you can’t work without (except the Google tools)?

A. Oh, good question!

  2. SEO Meta in 1 Click (Chrome Extension)
  3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Q. Have you tried OnPage Champ? Any viewpoint you would like to share with our audience?

A. I had the honor to sign up as user #200 for OnPage Champ (you can signup here).

I really like the first features of the tool, especially the SERP Analyzer. I am sure that if you keep on adding features and listen to your users, OnPage Champ can turn out to be a great help for everyone doing SEO.

Q. Anything else you would like to talk about SEO/tools/digital marketing?

A. Not really, but feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

I am always curious to meet new people!

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