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Meet Christopher: The Founder of Sitead – SEO Expert Roundup Series

Meet Christopher: The Founder of Sitead – SEO Expert Roundup Series

This is the third interview of our SEO Expert Roundup Series where we publish interesting life experiences of top SEO experts.

Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, all we want is your passion for SEO and we will do the rest of the work to bring your story to life.

This week, we are featuring Christopher Dettinger from Germany.

Chris had an exciting corporate career before he ventured out on his own to start SiteAd, a digital marketing agency based out of Munich, Germany.

I know Chris for more than an year now and his love and passion for digital marketing is very much visible as soon as you meet him.

Let’s know more about Chris and his digital marketing journey.

Q. Hi Chris. Let’s start with your 2-liner introduction.

A. I am Christopher, Founder of, a freelancer digital marketing agency in Germany. I am ambitious, entrepreneurial and enthusiastic when it comes to digital innovation that improves our lives. Here’s my LinkedIn profile.

Q. Please tell our audience more about SiteAd, your digital marketing agency and the role you play there.

A. SiteAd ( webSITE ADvertising) is a connection between freelancers and professionals around the globe.

We are experts in SEO/SEA, social media & IT and provide agency level quality at a budget. We specialize in marketing for startups and younger companies.

I myself started as a freelancer and noticed how small companies and startups were not able to compete with companies that have the resources to afford an agency.

That’s when I started Sitead with an objective to offer agency-level results in a pocket friendly budget.

Q. What’s your digital marketing career story like? I can see you have served multiple marketing roles across organizations?

A. My background includes diverse roles in digital marketing such as Head of Marketing and Marketing Performance Manager for startups and worldwide known enterprises.

I was always fascinated by the digital possibilities within marketing that came with the internet and are constantly evolving with each new update. It also means you are not bound to one place anymore and have the option to take your laptop and offer the same quality from any place in the world.

Q. Coming back to our core topic, what’s your one-liner definition of SEO (the way you see SEO as)?

A. SEO for me is a way to ensure that quality websites and content meet the high expectations of the user, resulting in a great user experience.

Q. What’s the toughest SEO problem you have solved for a client?

A. One of my clients had a website built on a self-made CRM by a semi-professional developer.

There was no option to type in the fields like meta-descriptions, title, headings, etc.

The developer took weeks to implement the necessary changes including content updates and sitemap changes.

It took lot of effort to set things right.

Q. What are the 3 biggest transformations you witnessed in the field of SEO in the last 3 years?


1. The shift towards high-quality content and user experience

2. A shift towards voice search, especially on mobile devices

3. Rank 0 is the new Rank 1

Q. How do you keep your SEO knowledge up to date? What are your favorite blogs?

A. Mostly German websites like, Sistrix Seo,, Google Watch Blog and of course speaker events.

Q. What’s that one single SEO tactic that you think is overrated (because it never worked for you)?

A. Mass link building and importance given to “Domain Authority”. Google officially explained that Domain Authority doesn’t play any part in the algorithm but some SEO experts still bring it up.

Q. What’s that one single SEO tactic that you think is underrated (but mostly works for you)?

A. Content is still the King. When you are the King in your niche (that means you have impressive content), you can rank on the top even with an average website and backlink profile.

Q. Since you have worked across a couple of organizations, what are the 3 most critical SEO mistakes that you see people making repeatedly?

A. The basics are easiest to talk about but difficult to follow, and that’s where the majority of people falter.

For example, I find people running after fancy stuff and completely forgetting about the basics like keyword research, keyword density, URL titles, the mobile website performance, meta description, etc.

If your basics are right, your page has the possibility to grow and expand with the right guidance and support.

Q. What’s your approach to building an SEO strategy for your client?

A. We start with an SEO Audit to discover how the page performs across different aspects. Basis that, we identify the components that need to be optimized.

Once we have the client buy-in, we discuss the client goals, understand their business model and come up with the right keyword cluster and the priority actions.

With a 6-month timeline,  we provide an individual onsite and offsite strategy that will improve the clients’ website. We also support our clients in their content strategy, e.g. helping them create pillar content for blog posts.

Q. What are the top 3 or 5 digital marketing/SEO tools you can’t work without (except the Google tools)?


  • Photoshop
  • Local Citation Finder
  • Supple

Q. Have you tried OnPage Champ? Any viewpoint you would like to share with our audience?

A. I tried it during the beta-launch phase and I am fascinated with its speed. It combines a variety of tasks where I normally would need a different set of tools.

Q. What are the biggest mistakes you did as part of your digital marketing/SEO career? Any suggestions for people who want to start out with digital marketing in a corporate setup?

A. I wanted to cover everything and be the best in all digital marketing areas but soon I realized that it is better to become great in one thing instead of being average in everything.

Q. Anything else you would like to talk about SEO/tools/digital marketing?

A. Please don’t follow any online offers that promise you to become a digital marketer by attending a 3 weeks’ class. Like everything else in life, becoming a good digital marketer takes time and effort. Be patient and keep on learning from the right sources and the right people.

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