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Product Update #3: UI UX improvements to improve your OnPage Experience

Product Update #3: UI UX improvements to improve your OnPage Experience

At OnPage Champ, we aim to provide a seamless way to perform on-page Competitor Audits and track any web URL changes for rank fluctuations.

In the last one month itself, we have performed multiple UI/UX updates to the platform.

While we are building the product fast, it’s also important for us to know the user behavior and their needs and wants.

We frequently interview our active users for their feedback.

Our entire product roadmap (including the features we developed below) is a result of such user interviews.

If you have feedback or want to suggest a feature, please login to your OnPage Champ account and help us with your inputs through the “Feedback” section.

A. Recent updates under ‘SERP Audit’ feature

SERP Audit is the flagship feature of OnPage Champ.

Most of our users engage with this feature on day to day basis.

However, the users also actively complained about the difficulty in analyzing the SERP data within the web app.

The features like downloading SERP results or going full screen were always there within the OnPage Champ platform but were not easily visible to the eye.

We have now made some tweaks to the UI and made these functionalities prominent enough to catch user attention, as explained below:-

#1. Download SERP results

While the UI of OnPage Champ may not be the best in the world, we are improving fast and making incremental updates week on week.

Till we reach perfection, how about downloading the SERP Audit results as a CSV file.

Yes, you can now download the results for offline analysis. This functionality was always there in the product, just that we have made it prominent and easily visible to the eye.

This feature is most helpful for people who want to run extensive data point comparisons and dig out correlations to understand what’s clicking for the top 10 ranking web pages.

#2. View results in ‘Full screen’

What if you want to run a quick analysis without downloading the SERP Audit results?

No worries. You can go full screen and maximize the result viewing area, as shown below.

SERP audit_Full size functionality

This feature displays more data on your screen and cuts all the noise so that you can run your analysis then and there itself.

#3. Compare URL

Majority of our users return to OnPage Champ for the SERP Audit functionality.

But do you know you can key in any web URL as part of the SERP Audit and get it compared against the top-ranking results.

This is extremely helpful when you want to compare your or your client’s URL with the top-ranking results, and explore where the improvement opportunities lie.

Or if there is a competitor who is catching up fast with you: just key in his URL, unlock his on-page SEO strategy and stay a step ahead of him, always.

B. Updates under ‘Track URL’ feature

Track URL” is our relatively new feature that allows our users to track any change done to important on-page SEO parameters of a web page.

Use this feature to track your URL or that of your client/competitor.

OnPage Champ not just records the edits done to a page but also tracks the Google rank fluctuations so that you can correlate the two and know what’s working in your case.

Here are some edits we have done to the ‘Track URL’ functionality since the time of its launch.

#4. Rank change notifications

If you have keyed in a URL for tracking, you will automatically get notified in case your Google rank changes by more than 3 positions between two successive checks.

You will get notified about the URL where the rank has fluctuated, the previous rank, the new rank and the change in position.

It will help you in 2 ways:-

  • You don’t need to manually keep a tab on your rank fluctuation
  • You don’t need to remember/record the changes you did to the web page.

Here’s a sample email that gets triggered.

Rank notification_Email_OnPage Champ

#5. Opt out of emails

User experience is at the center of our product development strategy.

We understand that back to back system triggered emails can sometimes become a nuisance.

That’s why we now offer our users an option to opt-out of ‘Rank Fluctuation Reporting’ emails.

You can re-opt in for email updates through your OnPage Champ account, at just a click of a button.

#6. Automatic rank tracking

All your content changes are automatically captured, tracked and reported on an intuitive timeline.

You can track the exact change made to any web page and correlate it to the Google rank fluctuation.

That means your on-page SEO experimentation just got 10X faster and predictable.

C. General

#7. Tooltips added everywhere

While the SEO pros are able to find their way through OnPage Champ, we want the beginners to benefit as well.

That’s why we have added guidelines (in the form of tooltips) at all major user interaction points within the OnPage Champ application.

These tooltips will help SEO beginners understand the action they need to take in order to benefit from this platform.

Moreover, tooltips help users understand the context of the output and how to use it for analysis.

#8. Updated ‘Dashboard’

We have revamped the OnPage Champ Dashboard to indicate the degree of your usage of the application.

Also, you can access the most important features of OnPage Champ right from the Dashboard, without the need to hover to the left side menu bar.

Dashboard_OnPage Champ

#9. Directly reference your past results

We understand that you are a busy professional and you may not keep a note of your last action within OnPage Champ.

That’s why we now save your last 5 SERP Audits and display it on Dashboard for your easy reference.

You just need to click on the URL and the SERP query gets triggered for that keyword.

#10. Floating toolbar

To increase the viewing area of the results, the left side menu bar is now collapsible.

To access the menu bar options, you just need to hover on it.

Floating toolbar_OnPage Champ

#11. Live Chat Support

Facing any issue with OnPage Champ?

Have some feedback?

Need some free SEO advice?

Or just want to say Hello.

Use the Live Chat functionality within your OnPage Champ account.

Live chat_OnPage Champ

Right now, we are offering free chat support for all our beta users.

We hope everything goes smooth and you will never need our help.

But for the ‘just in case’ scenario, we wanted to remind you that we are always accessible to help you out.

D. Closing words

At OnPage Champ, we believe that on-page SEO is severely underestimated and is not getting the importance it deserves.

Backlinks dominate the industry at the moment, even though their significance is rapidly decreasing.

Poor content, even with strong backlink profile, now has near ZERO probability of ranking.

At the same time,  great intent-based content, even with no backlinks, has a bright chance to reach the coveted #1 position in Google searches.

And that’s what we are here to help you with: revealing on-page SEO opportunities based on what your competitors are doing and helping you run predictable on-page SEO A/B testing.

To Your SEO success.

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