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Product Update #2: Automated website monitoring using ‘Track URL’ feature

Product Update #2: Automated website monitoring using ‘Track URL’ feature

Track URL” feature is now live at OnPage Champ.

This feature alone will make your on-page SEO experimentation 10X faster and predictable.

Using this functionality, you can actively track web page changes that actually impact your Google search rankings.

Let’s explore a few use cases of ‘Track URL’ functionality

  • Co-relate web page changes to Google search ranking fluctuations.
  • Discover those on-page SEO changes that actually impact search ranking. Understand what’s moving the needle and focus more on that.
  • Track on-page SEO changes that your competitor makes to their web page(s). Take corrective action well within time.
  • As an SEO manager, see the live impact of your team’s SEO efforts on your client page.
  • As a Client, experience the effort that your SEO consultant is putting to bring your page on the top.
  • If you ever lose your Google ranking drastically, refer ‘Track URL’ functionality to revert to a previous version.

How to witness ‘Track URL’ in action

Step 1:

Login to your OnPage Champ web account. From the Dashboard, click on “Track URL” as shown in the gif below.

Alternatively, you can also click on the 3rd option in the left-hand side floating menu bar.

Track URL through dashboard_onpage champ

Step 2:

Enter the URL that you want to track.

A real-time crawl will happen for the target URL and a first version of the content will be recorded.

If you input the optional parameters (keyword and location), URL Tracker will also fetch the initial rank of that webpage, as shown in the gif below.

track url use case_onpage champ

Step 3:

Thereafter, URL tracker automatically records on-page SEO changes across the following 5 parameters (we will keep adding more on-page parameters in the coming days).

After a regular frequency (right now 24 hours), our crawler will visit the web page and look for content changes.

Such changes will be shown on a timeline, against the Google rank fluctuation for the chosen ‘keyword + location” combination.

Step 4:

If the rank changes by more than 3 positions between 2 successive crawls, the user will be notified via an email.

In Conclusion

‘Track URL’ functionality is a worthy addition to our existing SERP Audit functionality.

Using both the features simultaneously, you can do extensive competitor research and uncover their on-page SEO secrets.

You can then optimize your web page and put it on track for rank changes.

At the same time, you can also put the competitor URL on tracking and uncover their on-page SEO strategy.

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