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Product Update #4: SERP Analysis & Mobile Search Results released

Product Update #4: SERP Analysis & Mobile Search Results released

I am glad to announce that last week, we released 2 major updates that the OnPage Champ user community has been asking for a while now.

#1. SERP Analysis

Till now, you have been using the platform to get on-page SEO elements of the top 10 Google results.

While this data is a gold mine in itself and saves you hours of research work, it was raw data that required analysis at the users’ end.

But not anymore.

OnPage Champ now analyses the SERP results and provides you with a quick summary of this data, right within the SERP Audit screen.

It helps you understand the competitive landscape for any “keyword+location” combination, that too in just a blink of an eye.

What’s more; if you key in a URL for comparison, the SERP analysis feature will also offer you suggestions and improvement areas (if any) against each individual on-page SEO parameter.

Now that’s kicking some dust.

SERP analysis_OnPage Champ

In the coming days, we will move towards making this data crunching more granular, deeper and statistical so that you can reduce your analysis time even further, at the same time draw out more accurate and data-driven SEO decisions.


#2. Mobile SERP Results

Ask even an SEO beginner and they will be quick to highlight the importance of mobile devices for your SEO campaigns.

According to BrightEdge, 79% of keywords now have different rankings on mobile and desktop.

That’s because of two key reasons:-

  • The user intent behind a keyword search is generally very different when done on a mobile than a desktop. For a query on mobile (e.g. customer support of XYZ brand), a user would be looking for the customer support number of that brand whereas, on desktop, the user might be looking for detailed customer support experience of other users with that brand.
  • Speed plays a critical role in mobile devices. Any result that slows the user experience on the mobile devices will get pushed down (and vice versa).

As a result, Google is now maintaining a separate index for mobile and desktop results.

This also means that marketers now need to make not just device-specific SEO strategies but also have device-specific campaigns, content and success metrics.

To facilitate this device segregated approach, OnPage Champ is now enabled to offer SERP data and analysis for both desktop and mobile searches.

Mobile SERP Results

By default, all SERP Audits happen for desktop-based keyword searches. You can manually change the counter to mobile and run the search to see mobile-specific SERP results and analysis.


In addition to the above 2 key features, we have also launched a couple of minor yet important features, as highlighted below.

#3. Intuitive timelines for Track URL functionality

Since the day we launched Track URL functionality within OnPage Champ, we have been relentlessly working to make it bigger and better.

This powerful functionality can help you run predictable on-page SEO experiments, quickly draw insights on what’s working for your rankings and what’s not; and replicate the learning to other web pages.

Track URL functionality within OnPage Champ works for any public website, that too without a need to install any code or script.

That means you can also track competitor URLs and see how your competitor is progressing with their on-page SEO, and whether his strategy is helping him gain search rankings or not.

To facilitate you in your journey, we have added the following functionalities to Track URL timeline:-

Intuitive timelines for Track URL functionality

  • Better visualization of rank fluctuation (green indicates a gain in rank while red indicates a loss)
  • As the timeline grows, it becomes tough to identify dates where a content change has happened .  This is now solved by identifying all such dates with a suitable icon (as shown in the image above).
  • Email triggers have now been made more intelligent. You won’t be bothered for every small rank fluctuation.

To try these functionalities, login to your OnPage Champ Account now.

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