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Product Update #6: Track Domains for OnPage SEO Changes

Product Update #6: Track Domains for OnPage SEO Changes

Over the past couple of months, we interviewed 120+ people who were directly or indirectly involved in SEO strategy & execution. 

These included business owners, marketing managers, agencies, sales people and SEO executives.

Interestingly, we discovered 3 problems that this target group experiences:-

#1. A fear of losing their search ranks, and subsequent impact on business.

#2. No easy way to proactively monitor competitors’ SEO (and hence business) moves.

#3. Lack of proper alignment of decision making roles with their SEO teams.

That’s how we started working on a feature that could solve the above mentioned problems.

I am glad to announce that we are now live with Domain Tracking module within our platform. This latest functionality aims to solve all the 3 problems mentioned above, plus many more.

At a very high level, this feature helps you monitor and recording any website for critical on-page SEO changes. 

That means you can track any website for its on-page SEO journey and resulting impact on Google ranks.

Benefits of tracking websites & domains

1. Rank fall recovery

Do you fear losing your hard earned Google ranks just because of an unwarranted content change on your website?

Using the Domain Tracking feature, all on-page SEO changes that are made to your website get recorded automatically (at a 7 day interval).

To start with, OnPage Champ records the following important on-page SEO parameters for each page of your domain:-

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • H1,H2 and H3
  • Body content
  • Image alt-text
  • Internal links
  • External links

In case your website experiences a rank fall after your team updates content/HTML, you can use OnPage Champ to refer and revert back to an earlier version.

Or your latest website content is now not in sync with a major algorithm update from Google, use OnPage Champ to revert back to the previous content version.

No more looking into the documents, no more making guesses. 

The next time you experience a rank fall and you have no idea about the changes that were made to the website, just head to OnPage Champ and restore not just your website but also your Google ranks.

 2. Competitor monitoring

We all want to monitor our competitor moves proactively, not reactively.

OnPage Champ helps you do that, not just from an SEO perspective but also from a business perspective.

Use OnPage Champ to identify those pages where your competitor is working aggressively by making continuous and major content changes. Take proactive action before your competitor becomes an SEO threat and replaces you in the search results.

For business users, get to know the pages that your competitor is adding to his website; well within time. 

Competitor website tracking

This can be an indication of a new upcoming functionality, entering a new geography or a low hanging keyword opportunity.

The interpretations are endless.

You now don’t need to wait for days to get this competitive intelligence. 

3. Team monitoring

Are you a marketing manager or a busy entrepreneur who wants to keep a track of his SEO team.

Or have you outsourced your work to an SEO agency and want to keep an independent tab on their progress.

Domain Tracking functionality helps you monitor your SEO team’s activity and ensure they are aligned to your business needs.

You can use this functionality to have a broad overview of the pages that your team is targetting. And if you want to dig deeper, you can see the exact changes they are making or the pages they are adding.

Equipped with this information, you can run timely course correction, if required.

4. Productivity suite

Majority of the SEO teams out there don’t maintain a record of the changes that they make to a website.. 

And the few that do maintain spend a lot of time doing this.

Using OnPage Champ, all content changes and multiple HTML changes get recorded automatically, without you needing to do anything.

Detect website changes automatically

In short, your entire change recording progress now gets automated and saves you a lot of precious time.

Plus, you also save scores of hours monitoring the latest moves of your competitors which you otherwise have to do manually by visiting their websites.

5. Rank Tracking

As part of the paid plans, you also get an option to input keywords against the desired URLs and track their Google rank.

That means you now know not only the on-page SEO changes that happen on a webpage, but also the resulting rank fluctuation.

How awesome is that?

Getting started with Domain Tracking functionality

Login to your OnPage Champ account and look for “Domain Tracking” in the menu option on your left.

To get started, just key in the domain you want to track. 

If the domain is already present in our index, you will see a change history for that.

In case it’s not in our index, we will add it to our database and start recording the changes.

Here’s a quick screen grab to explain the feature in detail:-

Domain & website tracking OnPage Champ

It’s now your turn to try out the Domain Tracking Functionality. If you have feedback or a feature request, please do comment below.

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