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Product Update #5: Featured Snippets, Graphical layouts, Pricing & more

Product Update #5: Featured Snippets, Graphical layouts, Pricing & more

December was an exciting month for us at OnPage Champ.

We had set for ourselves a target of overall application stability and data accuracy and were able to achieve that.

It also meant we could now move out of the beta phase and start charging our users.

Here’s what we launched in the month of December 2019.

#1. Featured Snippets

As per an experiment by Ahrefs, owning a Featured Snippet along with the first rank on Google has the potential to increase your organic traffic by almost 30%, compared to just having the first position without the Featured Snippet.

The best part, you can capture the Featured Snippet on Google even if you are ranking 3rd or 5th. That’s a good reason to optimize your content for Featured Snippets and steal some traffic from Google Rank 1 result.

OnPage Champ’s SERP Audit functionality is now updated to display the featured snippet for your keyword (if available in SERP results).

You also get to know the type of snippet that ranks for your focus keyword (paragraph, list, table, paragraph + list, etc.) and the current URL that captures the snippet.

Equipped with this information, you can now optimize your content for the featured snippet.

Featured Snippet Functionality in Action

For the keyword “best on-page SEO tools”, this is how the featured snippet appears on Google:-


And this is what OnPage Champ fetches:-

Featured Snippet in OnPage Champ Tool

#2. Other SERP Features

OnPage Champ now also shows you multiple elements (in addition to text content) appearing in SERP results for a particular query.

These can be YouTube videos, “People Also Asked” questions, images etc.

This functionality is still in beta and we will expand it to include all types of search results available for a particular keyword in Google.

It can result from maps, PlayStore, Google Books, Music, etc. Knowing the availability (and non-availability) of any specific type is an indication of a ranking opportunity.

SERP feature availability feature_OnPage Champ

#3. Technical SEO best practices

Technical SEO is a low hanging fruit.

It requires a one-time effort but yields long term gains.

We have started building our technical SEO module. In its current form, you see basic validations like availability of robots.txt file, SSL, Favicon, responsiveness, etc.

SERP feature_technical SEO

This is an endless area and we will keep expanding this functionality to include the technical SEO best practices.

#4. Stabilizing Track URL functionality

Track URL functionality is something where we see a very big use case.

Many a time, you or someone in your team will make multiple content changes to a page, without realizing how it affects your rank with time.

Track URL functionality helps you eliminate this guesswork by maintaining a record of all the content changes made to a page, along with corresponding rank fluctuations.

Thanks to page tracking, you can revert back to original changes in case you witness a fall in rank, or can replicate the same changes to other pages in case there are rank gains.

In December, we have done some major updates to our tracking algorithm. The entire feature is now more stable and accurately tracks your Google rank.

Do try this out, I am sure you will find your critical problem getting solved.

#5. Graphical representation of data

We have started making all analyses within OnPage Champ graphical, starting with rank tracking functionality under Track URL.

Graphical representation_Track URL

By end of Q1 2020, we aim to go live with graphical representation for all SERP Audit analyses.

After all “you materialize after you visualize”.

#6. Adding notes

Many a time, you may want to take notes against specific dates within rank tracking functionality. Maybe, you want to write details around what changes you did, why you did it or some off-page SEO element that may be the reason behind rank fluctuation.

You can now take such notes and refer back to them anytime.

Small but very useful functionality.

#7. Pricing

And the most important update, we launched our pricing plan in December.

While the Basic Plan is free to use, we offer 2 paid plans named Standard & Plus.

All the 3 plans are full feature plans and differ only in the number of keywords audits available, numbers of URLs that can be tracked and the change version history that is maintained.

Pricing plan_OnPage Champ

When you sign up for OnPage Champ, you get automatically enrolled in the Basic Plan, that too without any credit card details.

That way, you can explore the full power of OnPage Champ without any commitment and can upgrade when you are ready.

You can read more about our detailed pricing plan here.

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