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Product Update #1: Custom URL Analysis is now Live in OnPage Champ

Product Update #1: Custom URL Analysis is now Live in OnPage Champ

I am glad to announce that today, we rolled out the first major update to OnPage Champ. 

We launched our public beta 2 weeks ago. We received a lot of constructive feedback during this time, but one feedback was poured in consistently.

Lot of our users wanted to see how the on-page SEO elements of their web page compared to the top 10 Google search results.

Well, that made a lot of sense.

So today, we are rolling out the custom URL functionality within SERP Audit.

How does custom URL analysis within OnPage Champ work?

Once you login to your OnPage Champ account, click on SERP Audit.

Enter the URL and the location. Then click on the highlighted text to get a custom URL input box.

Key in the URL whos on-page SEO elements you want to analyze.

Custom URL onpage SEO analysis

Hit enter. In less than 30 seconds, you will get how the top 10 URLs for the keyword+location combination have structured their on-page SEO.

If your URL is within the top 10 URLs, you will see it as per its Google rank. If it is not in the first 10 positions, you will see the analysis of your page as the 11 th row of the table.

In both the cases, your URL will be highlighted in a different color as shown below.

Custom URL onpage SEO analysis_detailed

Use Cases of custom URL analysis

  • If your URL is not in the top 10 results, you can use this functionality to parse your page.
  • Your competitor is not in top 20 but you still want to analyze how they structure their on-page SEO.

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What else is new?

In addition to custom URL analysis, we also released a few minor updates to OnPage Champ.

Your last 5 SERP Analysis keywords are now available within your Dashboard and are clickable. That means you just click on the last searched keyword and the search happens automatically.

OnPage Champ updated Dashboard

We have also given a temporary fix to the results table by fixing the header and the first 2 columns. We know that this table is not 100% perfect, but we assure you to fix this asap.

Improving UX of OnPage Champ

Why On-Page SEO is important?

On-page SEO is the foundation stone of any SEO campaign.

With Google’s RankBrain becoming a major component of the search algorithm, on-page SEO carries a very strong weight in determining whether you get to the top position or not.

Therefore, you can’t afford to miss this important piece of the puzzle.

You can now use OnPage Champ to understand the on-page SEO strategy of the top 10 Google results and build on top of what’s working in SEO for others.

Try OnPage Champ today.

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