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POP SEO Software Alternative

Looking for a better alternative to POP SEO software? OnPage Champ helps you run extensive SERP Audits without putting unnecessary audit restrictions.

OnPage Champ’s starter plan is free month on month and doesn’t ask you for credit card details. This in-depth comparison between Page Optimizer Pro (POP) and OnPage Champ will help you make the right decision.

Learn why OnPage Champ is a better alternative to POP SEO Software.

No credit card required

Compare detailed features & pricing to select the best onpage SEO tool

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About POP SEO Software

POP is an onpage SEO tool that helps you run SERP Audits for your chosen keywords. This tool uncovers competitor’s on-page SEO best practices and enables you replicate others’ success on your website. 

However, POP comes with just 12 reports as part of their starting plan, which in our opinion is too low for a serious SEO player. If you have a higher requirement, you need to upgrade your plan or buy additional credits. Plus, you need to pay first before trying out POP. The interface is not very user friendly and has a lot of data points, which at times tend to be overwhelming.

POP is not easy to get started with, and needs significant time investment. 

Thus, it is wise to look for POP substitutes like OnPage Champ that are less priced, are free and offer more flexibility to run onpage SEO experiments.

POP Alternative – OnPage Champ

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Basic: $0, Standard: $14, Plus: $49, Enterprise: Custom
Basic: $20, Premium: $30, Unlimited: $39, Agency: $78 upwards
Subscription scheme
Monthly & Annual Subscription
Monthly. Annual Subscription only for Unlimited & Agency Plan.
Product summary
On-page SEO optimization, website monitoring & SEO A/B testing tool
On-page SEO optimization tool
  • SERP Audit
  • SERP Analysis
  • Custom URL comparisons
  • Website Tracking
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Change detection
  • Email notifications
  • Rank tracking
  • 3/7 day crawl frequency
  • Quick onboarding
  • SERP Audit
  • SERP Analysis
  • Custom URL comparisons
  • NLP & EAT Analysis (in Agency plan)
  • Chrome extension
Customer Support
Livechat, email, video conference, one-to-one walkthrough
No mention on the website
Type of customers
Freelancers, agencies, inhouse SEOs, SaaS, enterprises
Freelancers, affiliate marketers, agencies

*POP, Page Optimizer Pro, POP SEO Software, POP logo etc. are wholly or partially the registered trademarks of their respective owner. OnPage Champ is not associated with POP SEO Software in any way and a reference to their trademark is used only for comparison purposes.