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How to write impressive Page Titles for SEO?

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Best practices for optimizing Page Title

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Include the focus keyword

Include the focus keyword in the page title, as close to the beginning as possible. This will indicate search relevancy to the user and increase click through rate.

Capture user attention

Use strong words to generate emotion (like ‘awesome’, ‘best’, ‘top’ etc.). Use numbers in your page titles. It improves visibility. And be unique.

Don’t misguide

Whatever you write in page title, it’s an indication of what the user will get once he clicks. Meet that expectation, else you will experience high bounce rate.

Importance of
Title Tag in SEO

Title Tag (also called as Page Title) is the first thing a web user sees after performing the search result. Title tag is also the first thing looked at by the search engine bot while crawling a web page.

While it is not a critical visual element, it is quite important as it gives the initial context of your page, thereby helping both the end user and the search bots. Therefore, write page title that is unique, action oriented and highly contextual to the search query so that it can generate a click.

How Page Title benefits SEO?

Feeds the search crawler

Page title is amongst the first things that the search bot looks at while crawling the page. It helps in defining the pae context page and building its rank.

Higher CTR

Once your page is ranking in top SERPs, a well written page title can catch the user attention, thereby resulting in higher click through rate.

Used by social networks

Page title is not just used by search engines but also by many social media networks to highlight the title of the pages that are shared.

OnPAge SEO competitor research tool


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Explore how your top competitors optimize their Page Titles for SEO

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