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July 2020 Updates @OnPage Champ

July 2020 Updates @OnPage Champ

July was one of the best months for us here at OnPage Champ.

We achieved multiple feats this month: from completing our first year of operations to launching on Product Hunt to acquiring our first enterprise customer to doubling our organic traffic; there’s a lot we achieved as a team at OnPage Champ.

Here are some of the key developments, both within the tool as well as within our organization:-

Product Updates

1. Viewing the sitemap

You can now have a single view of all the URLs present within a tracked website. You can also run searches on the URLs or download the same for offline analysis.

This feature is extremely useful when analyzing the content silos created by some large websites.

In just under 5 seconds, you get to uncover the content pieces that a website has published on a particular topic.

For example, consider this SEO case study on CallHippo wherein you get to know about the 150+ Signup Pages that this website has published till date.

If you are in the same niche, you can start your keyword research from these 150 ideas.

2. Viewing 4 week rank trends

Within the Track URL table, you now get to see the Google ranks for the last 4 weeks, without the need to click anywhere or dig deeper.

Along with this, you also get to see the last date of on-page SEO change made to a specific URL.

These two data points combined together help you identify the pages that need a content update.

3. Mark URLs with tags

You can now mark up the pages with tags (max 3). We understand that you may want visual cues to segregate the URLs easily ; that’s why we built this for you.

With the tag functionality, you can easily mark the URLs for easy identification later.

4. Updated SERP Audit UI

In July, our aim was to make the SERP Audit results easier to consume. There’s no denial that the previous UI was clumsy, and that’s what we improved in July.

You now get a very neat comparison of top 10 Google results, structured as high level data points, graphical charts for comparisons and in-depth tables for deep dive analysis.

5. New parameters within SERP Audit (TTFB & related keywords)

Within the SERP Audit analysis, you now get data across 2 additional parameters – TTFB and related keywords, as shown below.

SERP Audit analysis is a continuously evolving feature within OnPage Champ, and we will keep adding more such data points that can help you take better on-page SEO decisions.

6. Faster crawls

We optimized our backend crawling code to improve the crawl throughput. The same crawl which used to take us more than 48 hours is now complete in less than 8 hours.

That means you don’t need to wait till mid of the week to get the updated crawl results. These are served to you on a Monday morning; piping hot.

Marketing updates

7. Doubled our organic traffic

This is the quarter where we have set an internal target to double our organic search traffic.

July proved to be a successful month in that aspect as we increase our Google search traffic by exactly 100%, thanks to some laser focussed on-page SEO optimization of our existing content pieces.

In all, we published just 7 new content pieces, but we optimized more than 15 old blog posts. 

By the way, did I tell you that we eat our own dog food? That means we used only Google Search Console and OnPage Champ’s SERP Audit functionality to achieve this feat. And we spent an absolute 0 effort towards building backlinks.

8. Launched on Product Hunt

Towards the end of July (28th day to be exact), we launched OnPage Champ on Product Hunt.

Despite we getting more than 250+ upvotes, we couldn’t rank as the Product of the Day. In fact, we were a distant 14th, thanks to some cut throat competition that day.

But that’s not a thing to regret about as we received 25+ signups through the platform. 7 people requested a demo and we are already in the negotiation stage for 3 deals. 

In short, Product Hunt helped us generate some marketing buzz.

It’s too early for me to talk about the Sales success but we received good leads through the platform. Plus, lots of learning that will come handy during the next launch.

9. Onboarded our biggest customers

July marks the month when we onboarded some of our biggest customers.

These are customers with annual revenue upwards of $10mn+, and having 15+ member SEO teams.

Having such customers onboard is a big shot in the arm as it validates the problem on which we are working.

What next in August?

July was the month where we were focussed on marketing.

August is the time when the goal is to double our revenue (in addition to again doubling our organic traffic) .

Our revenue base is still smaller, plus our marketing channels have started to fire. I am quite hopeful that we will easily cross the target.

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