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How to write Good Meta Description for SEO?

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Best practices to write Awesome Meta Description

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Use focus keyword

Place your focus keyword in the meta description, as close to the beginning as possible. It resonates well with the user when he finds the search query in description text, thereby indicating a relevant search.

Write powerful words

Use action words like ‘Learn more’, ‘Get’, ‘Be Fast’, ‘Don’t miss’ etc. in your meta-description. These words grab user attention and make your meta description compelling enough to generate a click.

Be different

Try to write a meta description that is different from what other top searches have written. This will improve the website clickability. But make sure your web page content supports your meta description.

Importance of Writing Great Meta Description

Meta description is a short paragraph that you see under each URL when you make a Google search. While it is not a ranking factor for the Google bot, it is still an important parameter of SEO since it is utilized to influence positive user behavior, which in turn influence ranking position.

A unique, clear and well written meta description works as an effective summary of what’s inside the web page, and therefore plays an important role in driving organic search clicks.

How well-written Meta Descriptions help in SEO?

Better CTR

A relevant meta description ensures your web pages matches what the user is searching for.

Less Bounce Rate

You experience less bounce rates when you meet user expectations.

Improved SEO Ranking

Both CTR and bounce rate lead to positive user behavior, and that directly impacts search ranking quality.
OnPAge SEO competitor research tool


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