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Internal Linking Best Practices for Better SEO

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Best practices for Internal Linking

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Be natural and contextual

Don’t link just for the sake of it. Use an internal link because your user will benefit from it. Keep it relevant and natural.

Use anchor text judiciously

Don’t use the same anchor text every time you link internally to a page. Also, avoid using the same keyword while linking.

Use follow links

All internal links should be ‘do-follow’. Link deep. This increases the crawlability of your website and also passes the link juice for maximum SEO benefit.

What is Internal Linking in SEO?

Internal linking refers to linking of one web page to another within the same website. If done strategically, it can help you increase the crawling speed of your website and gain better search rankings in shorter time period.

Internal linking is in the hands of the website owner and is an important on-page SEO component. However, internal linking needs multiple website pages so that you can link them together. As a result, internal linking is a never ending exercise; it keeps on going as long as you publish new content or create new pages.

Impact of Internal Linking on SEO

Lower bounce rate

Follow a user centric approach while linking internally. This will ensure user experience doesn’t break, and the user moves smoothly & contextually between pages.

Better crawl ability

Search engine bots can discover new pages quickly if they are well linked to each other. Right internal linking will make your pages rank faster.

Positive SEO impact

Internal linking helps in passing of SEO juice amongst different pages, thus lifting up your weak pages and strengthening the already strong pages.

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