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Importance of Image Alt Text in SEO

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Best practices to write
Effective Image Alt-text

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Be specific and contextual

Focus on the value and real benefit that the image alt-text will provide to the user. Write very specific text that describes why this image is placed at that point within the content.

Avoid unnecessary text

Refrain from using words like “image of”, “picture of” etc. Both the search bot and the user knows that there is an image, so what’s the point of telling them again?

Use keywords

Only if context allows, use the focus keyword or the LSI keywords within image alt-tags. Best is to use a long tail keyword. And no keyword overstuffing please.

Importance of optimizing Image Alt-text for SEO

Also known as “alt tag” or “alt description”, image alt text is what gets displayed on the browser in case the image doesn’t render properly because of any reason. 

While Google and other search engine bots can’t read an image, they can read the HTML related to an image. By using the right text in image alt-tags, search bots can be made to understand the meaning and context of the images used in the content.

Optimizing image alt-text for the right keyword is a popular on-page optimization strategy and can help your images rank in Google’s image search results, thereby bringing in additional organic traffic. 

How well-written Image Alt-Text helps in SEO?

Better UX

If the browser blocks an image or it fails to render, alt-text is displayed helping the user understand what was supposed to be in the image.

More Search Traffic

If the image has an alt text relevant to a search query, Google can show it as part of image search results thereby driving extra traffic.

Increased Accessibility

Visually impaired or blind users use special web browsers that can read them the alt-text , thereby making your content accessible to more people.
OnPAge SEO competitor research tool


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