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Importance of LSI keywords in SEO

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Best practices while using LSI Keywords

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Be relevant to the focus keyword

While there can be multiple LSI keywords related to a focus keyword, use only those LSI keywords that are relevant to the content.

Use keywords naturally

While using LSI keywords, focus on delivering value through the content. Use keywords naturally and as required, without being spammy.

Spread across the content

Spread the LSI keywords evenly across your content and HTML tags; specifically headings, image alt-text, meta-description etc.

What are LSI Keywords?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) refers to the concept of identifying patterns in an unstructured string of words and defining relationships across words that display similar ideas. 

Therefore, LSI keywords refer to those words that display similar ideas e.g. using Tesla and Elon Musk in a content piece indicates an idea around electric cars.

By using multiple LSI keywords that relate to the focus keyword, one can build context into the content thereby sending strong signals to Google about the search relevancy of the content.

How LSI keywords impact SEO?

Improves search relevance

Usage of LSI keywords is all about adding more context to the content. That helps Google serve relevant results for a search query, thus impacting CTR & bounce rate.

Proven way to jump rankings

With Rankbrain being an integral component of Google bot, search relevance is more important than anything else. Smart use of LSI keywords can help gain quick rankings.

More ranking opportunities

Semantically optimized content not just ranks for the focus keyword but also for other related searches, thus improving the overall organic traffic potential.

OnPAge SEO competitor research tool


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