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Best practices to optimize Heading Tags for SEO

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Recommended practices to
optimize Heading Tags

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Include keyword within Headings

Include your focus keyword within the H1 tag, and try to include focus keyword or LSI keywords within H2 to H6 tags. Be natural and don’t force fit or overstuff.

Follow a logical hierarchy

Ideas at same hierarchy level should be grouped under the same heading tag. Follow a top down approach; as you go down the heading level, the granularity of the idea should increase.

Make Headings interesting

Write interesting headings since these are what the user reads through before deciding to engage further with the content. Consider headings as important engagement factor.

Importance of Heading Tags in SEO

Improving user experience is the key concept around which SEO best practices revolve. An impressive content and well optimized page is a perfect recipe to rank on the top of the search results. 

And writing clear, descriptive and engaging Headings comes as the first step towards improving user experience. Headings improve the visibility and readability of the content piece and helps in engaging the user. 

Optimized Headings are an important ranking signal for Google and helps in setting the relevance of the page wrt the user search query.

SEO Benefits of optimizing Heading Tags

Gives structure to your content

Judicious use of headings across H1 to H6 provides a logical structure to your content, making it easy for both the Google bot and the user to understand it.

Makes your content skimmable

Descriptive headings allow the user to quickly understand the context of that section and quickly decide whether to skip or consume that section.

Improves engagement

Headings improve the readability of any content, thus making it more consumable. This results in better user engagement as well as experience.

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Explore how top SERPs have optimized their Heading Tags

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