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10 Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To

10 Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To

Marketing keeps on evolving; year on year; day by day.

In this entire journey, you have 2 options to learn marketing skills: either from your own mistakes or from the mistakes of others i.e. from the marketers who have been there before you.

Lucky for us, there are countless marketing podcasts where some very successful marketers & entrepreneurs share their expertise and mistakes.

Today, I am covering a handful of such podcasts.

I have personally listened to these, and I can guarantee that there are lot of marketing lessons to take away. 


Top 10 Marketing Podcasts

1. Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Sui

Topics: Entrepreneurship, business, and marketing

Host(s): Neil Patel and Eric Sui

Neil was of the opinion that people hardly have time to listen to an hour-long podcast. 

So when he launched Marketing School along with Eric Sui from Single Grain, they decided to keep all their episodes short but meaningful.

They even add links to several resources in the show notes.

This podcast brings you their stories of success and failures that have shaped them into entrepreneurs today. 

They talk about all sorts of topics related to business and entrepreneurship, including automated SEO, ecommerce sales, and more. 

Currently, they have 396 episodes, and they keep adding it frequently.

2. Everyone Hates Marketers

Topics: Customer research, brand position, content marketing, SEO

Host(s): Louis Grenier

This podcast was created out of sheer curiosity of Louis’s mind i.e. how do marketers think? 

He wanted to talk with great marketers and learn how they were doing marketing in the right way. When he managed to get a few interviews in a year, he decided to launch Everyone Hates Marketers.

He is strictly against what he calls ‘shady, aggressive marketing.’ His podcast reveals actionable marketing strategies that can bring true value to your customers and helps business owners or marketers solve their pain points. 

He publishes a new episode every Tuesday where he invites a new guest.

3. Perpetual Traffics

Topics: Paid marketing, organic traffic, generating leads

Host(s): Ralph Burns and Amanda Powell

A digital agency named DigitalMarketer believes that small businesses can change the world. 

If you are a small business owner and want to double the size of your business, this podcast is for you.

They launched Perpetual Traffics with the sole purpose to help marketers acquire leads and sales through paid and organic marketing. 

They say, “Online traffic is just like rice. It’s a commodity.” Thus, every business needs it to survive. 

In their weekly podcast, they talk about different facets of digital marketing to help you become a ‘full-stack’ marketer. Start listening to them now!

4. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Topics: Marketing, PR, PPC, web design, SEO, ecommerce

Host(s): John Lee Dumas

John Lee, the host, claims that he wasn’t always an entrepreneur until circumstances turned him into one. 

His job made him spend a lot of time on the commute. To keep himself entertained while driving, he started listening to podcasts that interviewed other entrepreneurs. 

There came a point when he had exhausted all the episodes. That’s how he decided to fill the gap by launching Entrepreneurs on Fire where he would release a new episode daily. 

Every day, he would interview successful entrepreneurs. Listening to his podcast, you can find inspiration and strategies that you need to fire up your entrepreneurial journey.

Till now, he has interviewed over 2,000 incredible entrepreneurs named Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and many more.

5. Buffer — The Science of Social Media

Topics: Social media marketing

Host(s): Buffer Team

The Buffer blog was already rich in resources when they decided to launch a podcast too. The sole reason was to reach out to as many people as they could. 

The podcast The Science of Social Media talks about how you can build and grow your brand on social media. In their weekly episode, the smart Buffer team answers your questions and explores various social media marketing strategies. 

They make you rethink a lot of traditional practices in order to help you create unique and fresh strategies. 

If you want to build a brand that your customers will love, this one’s for you.

6. Marketing O’Clock

Topics: Online marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media

Host(s): Jessica Budde and Greg Finn

Sometimes, it can get really boring to keep up with the latest news on digital marketing every day. 

Luckily, the podcast Marketing O’Clock comes to your rescue. 

You can now listen to the latest digital marketing news on a weekly basis in a fun and interesting manner. The team at Cypress North, a full-service digital agency tries to come up with entertaining ways to make the episodes fun. 

They add opinions, puns, and terrible jokes to it. 

The host themselves are marketer practitioners who are trying to keep their listeners informed about the trending PPC, SEO, and social media topics.

7. Exposure Ninja

Topics: SEO, PR, PPC, web design, digital marketing, ecommerce, CRO

Host(s): Tim Cameron-Kitchen

The story behind this podcast is pretty straight. 

The Exposure Ninja team wants to help businesses grow as quickly as possible while also educating them. So they decided to create their own show. 

In 2016, they launched their podcast channel. They interview some of the greatest marketers’ minds and business owners who took their company towards success through an effective marketing strategy. 

This podcast tries to educate you about SEO, PPC, conversion, and top-ranking websites. 

8. Growth Mapping Podcast

Topics: SEO, digital marketing, ecommerce

Host(s): Aaron and Sujan

Before launching Growth Mapping Podcast, both Aaron and Sujan had worked as smart marketers driving growth for SMBs as well as enterprises. When they decided to host a podcast, it was a no-brainer. 

They keep their episodes short — 15 to 20 minutes long, but the information is a detailed guide.

They cover topics like how to get more customers, build backlinks, earn more revenue, and more.

Listen to them, and learn how to take your business to the next level. 

9. Incoming Chat by LiveChat

Topics: Business, marketing, brand building, customer engagement

Host(s): Marcos Bravo C.

Marcos Bravo C. believed that if you want to master the skill of marketing, you need experience. But he also knew that it doesn’t have to be your own. 

You can learn from other’s experiences too. 

In his weekly Incoming Chat podcasts, he invites top entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketing professionals and interviews them. 

Besides, he brings his 20 years of experience in the industry on the table.

From this podcast, you will learn how to create a successful brand and company from scratch.

10. The Top by Nathan Latka

Topics: Business, financial figures, company valuation 

Host(s): Nathan Latka

Have you ever been curious about what the income statement of top CEOs looks like? 

Well, you can now get 15 minutes of daily income reports from the world’s top entrepreneurs on the podcast, The Top

Nathan Latka, the host of The Top, makes founders and CEOs to share their private revenue details. He has featured entrepreneurs like Michael Katz, Jordy Leiser, and more. 

So if you want to listen to some raw and interesting information, specifically around SaaS, you go to The Top.

Closing words

If you are a marketer (and a curious one), I am sure you would already be listening to a couple of these marketing podcasts.

For the rest that you were unheard of, do give them a try. They are insightful, actionable and eye opening.

Which one is your favorite marketing podcast? Do comment below.

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