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OnPage SEO toolkit to monitor competitors, optimize webpages & grow your Google ranks.

Search rankings of 2020 are driven by right on-page SEO strategies. ONPAGE CHAMP helps you understand what works for you and your competitors so that you can replicate it faster.

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Unlike SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz….or anything SEEN BEFORE.

What can OnPage Champ do?

OnPAge SEO competitor research tool

Fasten your on-page SEO with OnPage Champ

  • Keep an eye on your website SEO
  • Take timely actions
  • Learn what your competitors are focussing on
  • Get vital on-page SEO secrets of competitors
  • Optimize your page like the top ranking results

Website Change Monitoring

Keep a hawk’s eye view on content/HTML changes that happen on your website (or that of your competitors). Avoid rank falls (and business impact) by taking timely action.

Monitor 2 websites absolutely FREE.

Competitor on-page SEO Audit

Improve your SEO productivity with the most advanced SERP Audit Tool. Saves you 30+ hours of on-page SEO research time every month.

Get 10 SERP Audits every month absolutely FREE..

Replicate the SEO success of top Google results,
with OnPage Champ

Why work on your SEO from scratch when you can learn from the competitors?Run extensive SERP Audits or Monitor Websites for on-page SEO activity.

Our algorithm monitors, records & analyses multiple on-page SEO parameters, including: –

Page Title

Keep optimizing your page title & OnPage Champ will tell you if it's helping your SEO cause.

Meta Desc.

Crawlers may ignore meta descriptions but humans don't. Understand how change in meta impacts your traffic.


While URL s are not changed very often, but when you do, you will know if it helped you rank better.

Headers (H1-H6)

Experimenting with header tags is so much fun now. Change the headers and see how your rankings get impacted.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density

So you have increased the occurance of your primary keyword. Cool, our onpage SEO software will inform you if it results in a rank up.

LSI Keywords

Not just primary keywords, OnPage Champ's intelligent engine also tracks changes across LSI keywords.

Image Alt-text

We don't promote keyword stuffing. But a related keyword as alt-text is recommended. Track how this impacts your rank.

Internal links

Charity begins at home. Keep building strong internal link profile and witness how that impacts your search rankings.

Outbound links

Sometime, giving outbound links actually help you rank better. Now run such experiements with surety.

Page Speed

We catch all changes in your page speed. A big variation and you will be notified.

Page Rank

Your Google rank changed? Don't worry, our SEO tool will notify you within no time.


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Who uses OnPage Champ?

Decision Makers

If losing website rank on Google gives you jitters, use OnPage Champ to monitor your website changes and avoid costly blunders.


Save 25+ hours a month in competitor on-page SEO research. Get what works for top ranking Google results and replicate them.

Growth Hackers

Track competitors’ on-page SEO action, understand their moves and take timely action before they threaten you.

Why we are the Best OnPage SEO Tool?

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